After the explosion of this movement, a daughter in California told that a woman at her father’s workplace asked for help moving a box. When he said, “Yes, dear I will get that for you ” and the woman told him not to call her “dear” again. He was like, “I didn’t mean anything by that” He felt like he was being falsely accused for showing kindness and that’s where I see that me too movement has made workplace safer for women and dangerous for men.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The movement was started to bring a phenomenal change, to stop men of power from sexually assaulting the women below them, but unfortunately the movement has become unrecognisable,
Ladies and Gentlemen, hear me out
Instead of being a centre for survivors of sexual violence, the movement is being talked about as a vindictive plot against men. Victims are heard and then vilified and this statement has been said by the founder of me too Tarana Burke.
Point 1: The biggest drawback of this movement is that it lacks clear …

Social Media is a Bane

Recently, one of my friend went on a party with her classmates, they took pictures and had a lot of fun, then one of the guy told her not post her photo on Facebook, why, because she is a little fat and healthy girl and guess what happened? She just ended being on facebook with a last share which told: Today, my weight gain made me feel ashamed of myself and from now, neither I will look into the mirror and click my pics nor I will use facebook and she went into depression.  And that’s where I realised that social media is a show, its all about status game, it doesn’t matter if you are feeling depressed, what matters is how you look to others and when you see people in your “amplified” circle doing way better than you, you get jealous and then you go into depression and anxiety.
Ladies and Gentlemen,  This shows that inspite of having a self identity and living the reality, we are living in a fictional story created by social media. It presents us with a standard that is unrealistic and…

Fake news will kill social fiber of India unless checked

An engineer working at Google comes to India, he offers chocolates to school kids, the bystanders assume that he is a child kidnapper and forward it on Whatsapp, and the 32 year old techie is lynched by a mob of 200 people, he is tied and dragged and beaten to death with sticks and bricks and that’s where I see that fake news will kill social fiber of India unless checked.
Ladies and Gentlemen,  The social media was not responsible for killing of Mohammed Aza Ahmed, it acted only as a medium, it was the psychological state of mind of those individuals who gathered and lynched him, the whole thing generates a question that why some people create these kind of news and why today’s generation is so gullible that it easily believes on such fake news.
In order to attract more revenue, most of the “content creators” of these fake news use click baits just for the purpose of earning more money. To achieve that purpose, they write the worst possible content which could  boost web traffic and gen…

Education Reforms in Indian Settings

Recently, we all had our Mid Terms, one of my friends got low marks in physics and she told her teacher that she didn’t had interest in that subject but the teacher retorted back and said, if you don’t get good marks, you will not get good cgpa and no placement and the teacher seemed to be very satiated. On the other hand, the student got demoralized and that’s where I see that we have restricted the realms of education and reduced its definition to nothing more than a way to land up in a lucrative position.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The incident clearly throws light on the fact that we have failed to define the core meaning and the ultimate purpose of education to our students. Today, there is no education, but there is a huge education industry and the problem is not with our education system, its about the people who are delivering it at the end.
In today’s technological era, we are moving towards e-learning, we are using the most sophisticated classrooms to teach our children,We teach ab…