Sunday, September 25, 2016

Command ments of life - Nikhil Style

Our lives need some command ments to properly ride the tide.

Tides come often everyday.

We call it negative impact or negative people or situations.

I call it the tide.

The tide that sweeps us off our feet for a short while.

So let's start a new life by knowing the command ments to beat the tide.


First comes first, ignore negative people.

They are different, agony loving, disturbed, sometimes fun loving, psychos, criminal minded be it whatever they are the first tides and consume lot of our time and energy.

Ignore them like plague.

Ignore negative impacts.

Negative impact is a time to take some rest or introspection time.

You may not avoid them but just ignore them and see how you bounce back to full on energy.


Money is a hot commodity and does not always stay.

So second rule is save money.

Save good old connections.
Save good stuff in home.
Save good dress.
Save good places.
Save time.
Save energy.
Saving helps you to deal with tides in a stronger way.


Well this has to be the first command ment but I feel you need to become stronger and then work.


Work you must.
Work in your job properly without any mistakes.
If you do mistakes then change it.

Work with your resources.
Use your vehicles.
Use your books.

Use your pens.
Use your body and muscles evetyday.
Go to gym.
Or simply wash clothes hands wash style.
You will see that you lose blood pressure, stress, negative tides and even get your clothes sparkling clean with no smell ever.


Learn new skills to empower yourself.

Learn from others with no mercy.
Be ruthless when it comes to learning.

Learning creates new nerve cells no matter how old you are.


I know you will laugh at it.
But good maths is essential for saving money and solving math puzzles everyday is proved to enhance our brains chemicals and powers.

The brain is the hidden treasure that was given to you.

Use it with a splash of math power.
And you will become a genius.

If you have even a little space available try to grow plants.

They give us food and flowers and foliage to change our tides into power.

It changes life also.

You can make herbs to add to your food.

If you live in a winter zone then preserve or dry the produce to use in winter.


I know health is not in our hands.
However we can try maximum not to eat the following.
Too much SALT

Eat the following
Vegetables or VEGGIES cooked and RAW

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Why I must wear a mask

For the past few days I have started wearing a mask of a new personality.
Because people especially women verbally abuse me about my low voice and child like mannerisms.

I am becoming another person.
If I have to survive in India I must wear this mask.

Nowadays the most easily available mask is 'Jason Vorhees chainsaw massacres mask.' 

Esparta published on Flickr - Jason where are you? and Wikimedia


We speak so many great things about Indian women, and I have seen their larger majority's hitherto unknown hatred towards innocent or 'the nice guy.'

Who has always been vanishing from the world because he is not wanted here.
They love the slightly selfish and naughty 'old jokes expert' bad guy.

The one who verbally abuses people.
Oh they love him.

I am past my dating age and people think I must be like others, wearing a mask even when I sleep.
Live but live like a corpse.

Ha ha. 


But there are women who never complained to me about my behavior. 

Some women also took the pen to fight the mask.

Nanditha K.S. a poetess who took her own life on a lonely cold merciless night.

The poetess informed her mom that she will get a phone call by 12.AM and 
when her mom woke up at midnight, she found the poetess hanging by a sari in the railings of the staircase.

This happened in 1999.

Now the poems of this poetess is all over the internet going viral.

I will write another post about the great writer and the poems.

What strength and what power in those words, that gives us an alarm bell, a wake up call from the world of masks.

The poetess hated her own mask.

But there are more women who hate me than any other group of people.
I don't hate them back,  but I just let go, and concentrate on my job.
Doing ones job in full concentration is considered bad especially if you are not manager or the CEO.

How sad.

Sometimes I laugh thinking about the masks men and women wear to please the world.
We need to be something which we are not and live some ones life.
Especially in India.
Ha ha.
Anyway I am first time attacking the bigger majority of women who have always hated me, and I don't hate them, but I feel they don't exist.
Since that's the only way I can live or else I would become another misogynistic person.
Well, would you wear mask if women call you names?
Why is there no law to fight verbal abuse from others?
Why are nice guy men defenseless against verbal abuse at work place?
So many questions.
I feel I must run away far away far away from these women, and live like spider on top of a hill.
I hope god gives me that life possibly.
Bye for now.
Keep smiling and be good to one another.
Don't verbally abuse people, for you might be wrecking your karmic balance.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Taken away too early – prayers

I am speechless, numbed and feel like blood is all over my body, today. Hot salty tears of hell have welled in my loveless eyes and have gushed out like the amazon on a wild stormy night, for I had to witness the news reports of infinite murders of children and babies from the past to present. Time for me to pray for their souls that they find at least a little comfort if any in their journey to heaven.

The story of baby James Bulger

James was a beautiful child who accompanied his mom to a mall on 12 February 1993 and he went missing ever since. His mother searched for him everywhere and finally reported to the police.
Two days later on 14 February 1993 his beautiful body was found severed into two parts in the railway line of a city in England. Two children aged had abducted him and threw him upside down to crack his skull and threw stones, iron bars and kicked him till he lay cold on the deserted area. Later they placed his body on the rail to make it seem like suicide! Really? James was only 2.

The story of little Aditi Namboothiri

Aditi lost her mom and was under the protection of her father and step mother. The child was locked up in a dog cage along with the fiercest bloody dogs. She was made to work every day like a slave and finally her step mom poured boiling water into her little body and killed her slowly torturing her through violent beatings and knife scarring and not giving food every day. Finally her body was found in 2010 in Calicut, Kerala by police who found out that her liver was similar to a leaf with no food for days, since childrens liver can’t store fats like in adults. Aditi was only six.

The story of baby Briana Lopez

Briana was a lovely child born to young parents. Little did she knew that her parents hated her more than anything or anybody, even before she learnt to talk. They tossed her over like a ball to hit the ceiling and finally raped her until she was dead in July 19, 2002. Her death was so horrible and painful to the whole world that the government of the USA finally decided to give the death sentence for all baby and child murderers. Briana was only five months old.
This is only a fraction of the murders of babies and children done every day. Some children are kidnapped and given to rich pedophiles so they could kill them in leisure.


I pray for you little bibie, little one, in the darkest hours, in the rainy night, I pray for you holy one, I pray for you. I pray that you go alone and not another child accompany you. I pray that you go alone.
Fly away dear babies to a better place far from humans. Little angle don’t cry for though we couldn’t save you in life, your soul has reached the heavens in safe hands.

Dear babies, kids and beloved angels don’t be sad for you didn’t do any sin but it was we the people and children around you who failed you. No one listen to your cries, no one heard you, no one comforted you, no one loved you and no one cared for you. And honestly I think even after all this no one will really care, for we are busy with mundane mortal work.

Now that you have passed on, I know your innocent blood is running cold under my legs like seas of wronged child spirits and souls, reminders of your precious life and its little body destroyed, murdered, raped, cut into halves and burnt.

Your little bones are lying in the graves for we have sinned as a society! We have sinned like every day! We are sinners to have witnessed such murders of tiny cherubs who were sent to this evil world even though they never wished to.

Your bruised hands, legs, faces, blackened eyes and dark circles in this tender age cannot be hidden by your kind smile. You smiled when you never knew that you were not loved. Innocent eyes and innocent voice and yet they planned sinister plots for you little one.

You were bullied, laughed upon, ridiculed. Boiling water was poured into your unloved mouths. We tore your skin like paper and kept you malnourished for days. Your little liver was just a leaf for you didn’t eat anything for days my darling. You wanted to love and share happiness instead we tortured, threw you to the ceilings, murdered and send you to the graves.

Oh god and angels of the universe hope the kids have reached your side and please don’t send them back to this hell called earth. Please do not! Never!I pray for you lovely angel. I pray for you Amen.

What do you feel about these kids? What did they do wrong?
Let them be happy in some other world as angels safe and smiling. Please whoever is reading, please I beg you, don’t send them to this senseless, brainless and loveless graveyard of baby skin and bones and ashes we have made of mother Earth.

Reports shocking all around the world

Everyday over 21,000 children die in a year based on a report in 2007, just imagine the number in 2016! Oh, god of the world save us and forgive us and banish us from the universe for we have sinned. The blood of these angels is in our hands for we have failed to listen to them.
Every second one child is dying, 14 children die every minute and 92 million children died between 2000 and 2010 and the number is only increasing, thanks to loving parents, strangers and care keepers who are violently murdering children because they want to murder kids.

5.9 million Children under the age of five died in 2015 that is 16000 kids die every day, here now, this very dirt we stand upon. Aren’t you proud of your civilization yet?

Though hunger, poverty and diseases are the main causes, one forgotten cause is child abuse especially by their own parents.

Children go missing in malls, shops, cinemas, fares, schools and homes just to be found dead with unrecognizable bodies just meat parts and poor bones dumped far away from humanity.

The devil is everywhere watching scanning and observing every child it can take away, lurking smiling for he is after your baby.

Sometimes the devil is the baby’s parents themselves. Wow, this is what the phenomenal reality is!

Aren’t we ashamed of calling ourselves human?

{I have been abused when I was a child and I have seen kids back in those days at school who suffered worse trauma.}

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

If Tomorrow comes - Sidney Sheldon - Review

Well before you throw me some curved balls please be aware that you are an educated person and you can't simply do this! Come on guys chill! Pill!

I know I couldn't keep up with my New year resolution of a post everyday, ha ha caught you!

Very well, then I am here today to tell about my favorite book ' IF Tomorrow ComES' that I have read some thousand times whenever I need some adventure especially the jail scenes and the situations where the protagonist gets away after looting big expensive items, oops!

Like the name suggests the book deals with tomorrow a time when anything is possible, a time to burn some midnight oil, well it means tomorrow if at all it comes, it brings something moRE!

Nice idea I am going to write a science fiction book based on tomorrow - Tomorrow never diesSS!

Anyway back to our book finally, Tracy Whitney is that protagonist who though dressed plain was actually extremely good looking with angles that could a kill an unprepared observer and put Hollywoods ruling babes to shame. She is also that unlikely naive bank employee who goes from a boring job and equally boring lover to an exciting Indiana Jones like adventures except without the supernatural bits and with reality and the equally interesting LOOT!

Very well the book starts with a thunder and lightning night where a woman in night dress calls her daughter and tells how much she loves Tracy. The dramatic external rains only adds to the internal turmoil. The lady then having heard her beloved child's voice places the receiver down and decides to finish some old business and takes a revolver thinking inside - there is only one way about it - click, BOOM and the life force leaves the lady's body forever.

What else could be of more suspense than this?

Tracy Whitney the bank employee slept that night peacefully not knowing about the horrors that await.

The next morning she finds shocked to receive the telegram from her mothers aide that she is critically ill and Tracy leaves to New Orleans.

Here she is more shocked after learning that her mom is no more and the death was due to a gun shot. A suicide, Tracy couldn't fathom the reason.

She goes on to find the ugly truths behind this tragic outcome and learns that her tomorrows are never going to be the same.

Like a child who lost everything she screams and loses control trying to shoot the man behind the death. Unfortunately she was too naive to think that such a powerful person will leave her unscratched.

More misery is thrown in when Tracy is arrested on false charges of attempted murder and burglary.
She is put in the State Penitentiary for ten years and there three woman rape her on the very first day!

She loses her baby and is put to a confined space, which is nothing but a dark room with no windows  however this is where the distraught naive weak teary eyed woman transforms and rises into a phoenix out from the very ashes that burnt her dreams.

This turn proves that even if your dreams end you can always build new ones! Cool!

She decides that enough is enough and masters mind and body control to defeat the world that threw her mother and her into hell.

Revenge, was the only word that made sense to her now. Revenge that word stood in front staring at her like a black monster waiting to occupy her soul.

The three woman help Tracy out of pity and also to seek forgiveness for their sin. Tracy now learns the tricks of the prison from Ernestine Littlechap the huge lady among the three and escapes from the dike who tries to harm her now and then.

She gets a job as a day care keeper for a girl named Amy who happens to be the wardens daughter. One day when Tracy plans a mind blowing escape from the prison she is also faced with the accident when wardens daughter is drowning in a lake, she needs to decide quickly.

Little did she know that tomorrow she would find herself unconscious, that she would be even more happy to find Amy is saved from deaths' clutches and that made Tracy an overnight sensation all around the world. All news channel aired about 'Prison lady saves little girl from death.' The state decides to pardon her crime and Tracy and Ernestine leave the prison for good.

Now here Tracy plans more schemes to fight her moms murderers and she does it with absolutely no mercy. Ernestine and her boyfriend help Tracy to plot and finish the game of the mafia gang that was notorious all over New Orleans. One by one their games and lives fall with the well designed  revenge of Tracy.

But after everything Tracy never manages find a job as an ex convict. She loses jobs and ultimately lands at the hands of a man who eventually transforms her into the princess of night burglary or the Robin Hoodess of the modern world.

Her first assignment was to loot some precious gems from a rich Bellamy womans house or castle.
Comedy aides her here and there when Tracy gets away from real and unreal police officers. What follows is the story of the duchess of darkness who hunts the riches of horrible people and gets a handsome commission for her brave schemes and amazing make up. She cons the entire Europe with numerous false names that the police pull their hair out not able to understand where such a group of female robbers could hide and get away easily from their nets.

In this exciting journey of burglary she finds another Robin Hood who is smitten by her ravishing looks and together the write a legacy of stealing and escaping from the most dangerous events. The end and other sugar spice surprises are for you to find and explore inside this lovely book.

She did go through one horrific night trying to make through it but then she is also transported to a tomorrow that seems far more hopeful.

Best scenes are the one where she manages to replace a box of gems with similar looking box while fighting a nerve racking fever and loss of consciousness all inside a dark and bad landing cargo plane.

Another one would be the escape from a hungry big dog and laser rays  that when touched blows the most deafening alarm that one could imagine.

Yes look away if you are the pious onion cutting teary eyed do gooder who will never STEAL!

Yes this is not for you, this book depicts all the means by which you can become a well experienced burglar or the robin hood who does charity to selected friends ONLY!

But if you still want to learn some old burglars tricks which I am sorry in todays technology cannot be used unfortunately, then do read along.

Well otherwise all the thieves, burglars and would be thieves will definitely find this a great read.

Haven't you ever had itchy hands when inside a big Foreign Bank? If you love the password finding sweating last minute tension before the police arrives, this is definitely your story. Ooops!

What did you feel while reading this famous novel, do give me suggestions and comments about this review and also give me more good book information that could translate into future reviews!

Word of the day is Overmorrow, oops I get these word helper messages.

Overmorrow means the day after tomorrow if I am right, if not correct me people!

Buy this book from If-Tomorrow-Comes-Sidney-Sheldon

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 has kick started off now! Plans? 365 days?

An eventful year with so many events that I could hardly keep count of them.
What happened? Well, I found some new interesting people, who were from my same field of writing and hoping I would create a group for writers.
And, hoping to read all of their blogs one by one taking time and answering to all questions and asking some important questions too.
How was your year?
  • Did you cry anytime?
  • Did you laugh many times?
  • Did you read some life changing quotes or books?
  • Did you watch interesting movies on youtube.
Well, the answer to all the above must be a resounding yes.

2015 was a year that went too fast If I may recall. Ooops!

Therefore lets try some new year resolutions this year for a change.
  • Lets see if some ritual goodness can bring in some happiness to many peoples lives.
  • Let us just try to experiment with life a little bit more!
I saw a movie called 'Jo and the boy' a Malayalam movie yesterday to refresh my mind from thoughts that were clotting my view.
I learnt some important lessons.
  • Try to write everyday.
  • Try to evoke the child inside you every day atleast when you are all alone to complete those unfinished dreams that you have.
  • Try to work on a project for a year and complete it for your own sake.
  • Try to maintain the 'good spirits' every day.
Those were some lessons that were glaring in front of my eyes when I started to watch it!
Let us see how we can work on maintaining that good spirit everyday.
First off, we need a project, yes a crucial project that we religiously attend to no matter what.
Maintain the 'life' of the project throughout 365 days starting from today.
365 days is a lot and you can even build a dream and make it happen.
Say you want to write a book or write everyday or paint some pictures everyday.
You have to find that two hours, where you spend valuable time on your project everyday.
That's the start, from there you string one bead daily to create a chain of work from 365 days.
Wow! it sounds like a movie but you could do it for 2016 and for your own sake.
A resolute action to complete one beautiful year.
''Writing is actually a 'catastrophic ritual' an undying 'angel' seem to nudge all of us to write a little more!''